I use Berg components for a long time and I may say that these are the best solution for convenient and functional development. I developed many software and these components helped me to make the programs looking more open for users. These are the best components ever if you want to make your application to look and to work perfect)

Lazutkin Alexey, soft developer

I have used menus for years to offer my users application options. I decided to switch to using the NextSuite's NextInspector component to offer my users a simple, straightforward, single place for selecting all options. The switchover to using the Inspector interface took less than a night's work and has made the user experience much, much better. Between the NextInspector and the FlipPanels, I can't decide which feature is my favourite in the suite. Given that FlipPanels offer me D2009+ features in a D7 environment, I'll pick that one. But the NextInspector is pretty good, too.

G. Mugford

I use NextGrid and components collection and I'm very satisfied with it and the assistance


Well I registered NextGrid loooong ago and I'm glad I did it: not only the components are very good, light and useful, but the support is the best I know. If I, too, could make more money, I would donate :-\


Xillion ICT Solutions is a Dutch IT company. Among other IT services, we build custom software made software for our customers in a variety of industries. Mostly because standard software isn't available, or it just doesn't cut it. These days the users have high expectations of their user interface, and don't settle for an outdated, boring win95 look. Also a well designed, and fresh looking GUI design also increases the user's acceptance of the new software. Therefore we spend some time in designing a nice, and above all functional, GUI. Without Next Suit we wouldn't have been able to do this, and wouldn't get such good responses to our GUI's from our customers. Next Suite is a well built (stable!), well thought trough, flexible, and attractive set of components. They are easy and intuitive to use, it's simple to make them look good and fit your own style. The come at a very good price, and you will get very descent support. They also actually listen to what the community asks and needs. For me, they are essential for building my user interfaces.

ing. Stijn Vanroye, Software Engineer, Xillion ICT Solutions BV


I have bought Nextgrid suite because of a real need for a powerful stringgrid. it was a few months ago. Before i have created my own stringgrid but i was really less impressive than NextGrid. I begin to use other component too et each time i had a question, Boki or other developpers gave me the solution. My software looks better and I' agree to pay again in one year for upgrade as well as i can distribute my software without restrictions. Good job and thanks again, Boki.


I just thought you might to know that when I was looking for a grid to use with PhonePad, I tried a lot of different ones. These included the grids that come with RAD Studio, the TMS grids, the Raize grids, the DevExpress QuantumGrid, and many others. None were as flexible or as fast as NextGrid. And none of them did exactly what I needed. Only NextGrid met all of my requirements. I very rarely use any other grid in my projects now.

Steve G., author of PhonePad5