Users Section

Section of our web site reserved for registered users is located on address after signing in with user name and password received from us after order. This section may be also reached by signin in from home page of web site too.

This section contain latest updates of our components (stable and pre-relase). Within this section you may set your account details, view your licenses and read current news articles.

For any more questions, please contact us on and we will answer on you as soon as possible.

Support via E-mail

If you have feature suggestion or you want to submit a bug, you may contact us on and we will answer on you as soon as possible.

For starting our correspondence, please use same e-mail address as used in registration process or leave your username on “members section” or “ShareIt Ref #” somewhere inside e-mail’s body.

If you need to report bug or suggest feature, screenshot or (even better) small sample project may help us and speed up process of finding (fixing) bug.

Support Forum

Please visit next address for our support forum:

You may read existing topics and learn about some techniques from us or from other users, or you may register and post new topic (or reply on existing). We are trying to read every post, and we will answer as soon as possible. Other users may answer too.

If you have problems with registering on our forum, please contact us on

Our support forum allows attaching files, and sending screenshots or small demo projects while reporting bug is welcome. This may speed up finding and fixing bugs.

Source code modifications and contributions

Components source code may be modified by owner of license and used in projects same as original code without any limitations. This code may be sent to us and we may try to integrate this code in official releases, but not required.

Please note that redistributing (selling, giving for free…) original (object Pascal) code owned by Berg Soft is prohibited.

Refunding Policy

If you are not satisfied with our components or service you may refund your order. If you decide to refund, within 60 days since order send us Share*It!/FastSpring Ref No and we will refund your money.

Subscription Renewal Cancellations for Germany

Due to changes for consumer protection laws in Germany starting July 1, 2022, Digital River requires that German shoppers can use a cancellation form on the web page they used to purchase their subscription. MyCommerce has established a compliant cancellation form accessible via the following URL: Subscription Renewal Cancellations