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NextGrid is a powerful Delphi/C++ Builder Grid. It is very easy to use it in design-time (with intuitive Columns Editor) and in run-time with easy to understand methods and properties. NextGrid have much more features than standard Delphi StringGrid or ListView, attractive look (VCL Styles, Windows & MS Office themes support), it is extremely fast (quick sorting, data manipulation, drawing...).

Main Features

  • Thousands of registered users in past 15 years.
  • Powerful Grid component, written from scratch, with passion and care.
  • Very Fast (fast drawing, fast sorting, fast cells operations, ultra responsive…).
  • Modern look & feel with support for VCL styles, Windows and MS Office themes.
  • Very easy to use and learn in both design & run time.
  • Dozens of standard and original column types.
  • Powerful and intuitive Columns Editor.
  • VirtualNextGrid component is also included in package, beside standard NextGrid.


I use Berg components for a long time and I may say that these are the best solution for convenient and functional development. I developed many software and these components helped me to make the programs looking more open for users. These are the best components ever if you want to make your application to look and to work perfect).
— Lazutkin Alexey, soft developer



  • NextGrid5 for Delphi 6NextGrid v5 free component package for Delphi 6
  • NextGrid5 for Delphi 7NextGrid v5 free component package for Delphi 7
  • NextGrid6 for Delphi 6NextGrid v6 free component package for Delphi 6
  • NextGrid6 for Delphi 7NextGrid v6 free component package for Delphi 7
  • NextGrid6 Exe DemoExecutable Demo showing NextGrid6 component
  • NxTile6 Demo SourceSource code for demo demonstrating work with NxTile6 and drag & drop
  • NextSuite v6 Exe DemoBig Demo with components from Next Suite v6
  • NextLayout v6 Exe DemoExecutable Demo showing NextLayout6 binding capabilities
  • Slides GridView videoShort video tutorial of Slides GridView
  • Cells Merging videoVideo tutorial demonstrating power of Visible proprety of Cell.
  • Introduction to NextGrid6Quick Start video for NextGrid6
  • Next Suite v6 GuidePDF Guide for Next Suite 6
  • NextCollection 6 Demos SourceSource code for NextCollection 6 Demos for Delphi XE6
  • Supported IDEs

    Visual Component Library (VCL): Delphi 7, Delphi 6, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2010, Delphi XE, Delphi XE2, Delphi XE3, Delphi XE4, Delphi XE5, Delphi XE6, Delphi XE7, Delphi XE8, Delphi 10 Seattle, Delphi 10.1 Berlin, Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, Delphi 10.3 Rio, Delphi 10.4 Sydney, Delphi 11, Delphi 12 Athens, C++ Builder XE4, C++ Builder XE5, C++ Builder XE6, C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin, C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo, C++ Builder 10.3 Rio (32-bit), C++ Builder 10.4 Sydney (32-bit), C++ Builder 11 (32-bit), C++ Builder 12 (32-bit)


    Multiple Grid Views

    NextGrid can have several views (Report, Slides, Stacks) of same, or different type. Each view is separate object and may be easily customized via Views Editor. All views share the same data, but they can represent it in their own way.

    Slides GridView allows placing cells outside standard list/grid layout, and can be easily managed in design-time via visual Slides Editor.

    Stacks GridView allows stacking all cells of a row into a single group.

    Active view may be changed at any time with ActiveView or ActiveViewIndex property. Example:

    NextGrid61.ActiveView := NxReportGridView1;

    Each cell is an object

    Each cell in NextGrid is a TNxCell object with own properties and methods such as AsInteger, Color, Font, IsEqual, IsSet etc.

    Cell may contain value, own formatting, may be locked, compared with other cells etc. To work with single cell simply write:

    NextGrid61.Cell[2, 3].AsString := 'John';
    NextGrid61.Cell[2, 3].AsInteger := 4;
    NextGrid61.Cells[2, 3] := 'John'; // Set AsString directly

    Each cell can also handle one object with Data property. Example:

    NextGrid61.Cell[2, 3].Data := Button1;

    New in version 6: Font property, Revert, RevertStyle, AssignValue, IsSet, IsEqual methods.

    Dozens of column types

    NextGrid have several column types for presenting data in different ways. Each column type include own typical properties which may be set within design-time editor or via code.

    Column can display text, check-box, progress bar, date, number, image from TImageList, toolbar, HTML, graphic, ratings...

    Standalone inplace-editors

    Most columns in NextGrid v6 include own Inplace Editor (InplaceEdit property). This Inplace Editors may be used as stand-alone editors, and they are located in own Palette/Category inside IDE.

    Developer may implement INxInplaceEdit interface (with or without our help) and place any control inside cell!

    Fast and sleek

    NextGrid v6 can handle very large amount of cells without losing speed. Speed of adding, modifying and deleting data doesn't depend of the amount of cells. User actions are responsive, without any delays.

    With using BeginUpdate and EndUpdate calls you may specify which elements will be calculated (scroll bars, formulas etc.) and executed (painting, events) during extensive routines. Sometime is better to run all this calculations at the end, than in every step inside routine.

    NextGrid61.BeginUpdate([uoEvents, uoRecalculate]);
    // your code here

    Control is written carefully with passion, and your application will not feel bloated after putting one (or dozen) NextGrid v6 in it.

    Column footers

    Each column include own Footer which may show custom text, image or calculated result (SUM, AVG, DISTINCT, MIN, MAX and Count).

    If AutoCalculate property is set to False, Recalculate method must be called manualy.

    Insert-row for quick input

    Below Header in NextGrid Insert-area may be optionally located (ShowInsertRow property), where user can simply add new row in grid without using additional text-box controls and dialogs.

    Events OnInsertQuery and OnInsert will help processing newly added row, or rejecting it.


    Every Column include Filter property which may be used for real-time filtering. Filtering can be additionally adjusted with FilterOptions property, or turned off by setting Filtered property to False. Filter property also accept simple reg-ex code. Example:

    NxNumberColumn61.Filter := '1200-1500,!1400-1450,1420';

    Memo column

    Memo column allow typing and displaying multi-line text inside Inplace-edit. After pressing Enter key within inplace-edit, cursor will move down to the new row.

    Scrollbars may be configured with using Scrollbars property of column.

    Graphic column

    Graphic Column display TGraphic (TBitmap, TIcon...) object inside cell.

    All what needed is to set Data property of cell to this object and image will be drawn, with custom border.

    NextGrid61.Cell[2, 3].Data := MyBitmap;

    On image you may apply built-in styles (effects) such as shadow, reflection, glass...

    NxGraphicColumn61.Effects := [efInnerShadow, efLight, efReflection, efShadow, efShine];

    Fixed columns and rows

    NextGrid v6 can lock specified number of columns and/or rows and they will be always on screen, unaffected by user scrolling. Every Grid's View can set own number of locked columns and/or rows.

    This is done with FixedColCount and FixedRowCount properties of view.

    Virtual NextGrid

    Beside main NextGrid6 component (who maintain own cells structure), we have included virtual version of grid named NextVirualGrid6. This Grid rely on you to provide connection to data via NxVirtualCellSource6 non-visual component.

    This component provide events such as OnGetRowCount, OnGetCell, OnGetRow etc.

    Now you only need to connect this component to your Grid with one line:

    NextVirtualGrid61.CellSource := NxVirtualCellSource61;

    Masked (alpha-blended, transparent) images in headers/footers

    In Headers, Footers and Rate columns you can display full-color 32bit bitmap images with smooth edges like Windows XP/Vista/7/8 do, even in older versions of Delphi without PNG file format support!

    Tree column

    NextGrid include TreeColumn, a standard Column which can be added and modified as any other column type! To add child row, simply use AddChildRow method. TreeColumn also may show a Image from TImageList (Images property) specified by ImageIndex property of row. Example:

    NextGrid61.Row[5].ImageIndex := 3;

    Toolbar column

    Upon many requests, NextGrid version 6 introduce Toolbar column. This column type include Items TCollection with own design-time editor where you may add and modify your buttons inside column.

    This column type also include OnButtonClick event where you may process clicks on buttons. If you don't want buttons in one of cells, you can turn on Empty property of Cell.

    Standard Icon Column (column that shows icons from associated TImageList) also include Button property that transform this kind of column into single-button toolbar column! There is even ButtonText property.

    Trackbar column

    NextGrid version 6 introduce TrackBar column type with TrackBar control placed inside cell. Beside using sliding method for input, user can (controlled by property) type a value directly into side-edit box.

    HTML column

    NextGrid include column for displaying simple HTML formatted text. OnLinkClick event for parsing clicks on a tags is also included.

    Handfull methods

    NextGrid include many useful methods (functions and procedures) such as SaveToXML, LoadFromXML, SaveToINI/LoadFromINI, FindText, BestFitColumn...

    Delphi, Windows and Office Visual Stules

    NextGrid v6 supports both Delphi (VCL) Visual Styles (available in new Delphi versions) and standard Windows Themes. Even classic style is supported.

    Beside standard styles, there is support for Modern Office 365 style (with different color scheme for each Office product).

    Styles can be configured easily via Style and StyleOptions properties.

    Unicode support

    NextGrid v6 support unicode (WideString) strings inside cells, headers, footers etc.