Next Collection .NET

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Next Collection .NET is continuously growing family of modern and very easy to use controls. Some of controls in this set are: nxPageControl, nxFlipPanel (MS Office 2013 expanding/collapsing panel), nxHeaderPanel, nxMessageOverlay, nxPanelConteiner (great for making wizards), nxLinkLabel, nxDivider, nxGroupBox...

Main Features

  • Very easy to use and learn. You will use them in any application - big or small!
  • Modern look and style (Windows, MS Office 365, or completely custom).
  • Fast, sleek and compact, but very powerfull and highly customizeable set of controls.
  • Set of dozens powerfull controls, and more in future!


The creation of the GUI of our organizer in combination with the next suite boosted the development so much that we could concentrate on more project specific problems. By using the next suite our program looks proffesional and is easy to use. The replacement of the old messy GUI into the next suite GUI was so easy to do that we only can say that we should have started our project with the Bergsoft components in the first place. The creator (Boki) was also helpfull on small and big issues during the rebuild of our project. So this is certainly thumbs up !!!
— Voetbal



  • NextSuite for .NET 30 days TrialNextSuite .NET 30 days trial
  • Suite DemoCompiled Demo with components from Next Suite .NET (WinForms)
  • Collection of DemosArchive containing dozen smaller exe demos.
  • Supported IDEs

    Visual Studio 2010 - 2022, .NET 4.0+