New version released

We like to inform you that minor versions of our components are released.

New versions

1. NextGrid 4.2.3 and NextDBGrid 4.2.3 released.
2. NextInspector 4.7.8 released.
3. NxPageControl 1.7 released.

Features spotlight

NextGrid, NextDBGrid:

1. OnClick event for HTML Column. Return Href parameter of clicked A tag:

2. Improved rendering of HTML Column.
3. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.

Next Inspector:

1. AutoClose property for CalcItem. When true, popup window of editor will be automatically closed after clicking on '=' sign.
2. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.

Next Collection:

1. NxAlertWindow: PopupSound property. Play specified sound after popup.
2. NxAlertWindow: OnPopup event. Occur after pop-up progress is done and component is fully visible.
3. NxPathControl: ButtonStyle property:


Main demo (Exe) updated.

Visit Forum Article, or read history.txt file for more detailed history and release notes.


Nov 30. New version released