NextSuite (VCL) v6.3.0 released

Dear users,

New minor versions of our components are released.

NextSuite 6.3.0
- NextGrid 6.3.0
- NextDBGrid 6.3.0
- NextInspector 6.3.0
- Next Collection 6.3.0

Releases history: PDF File

Components are part of NextSuite6 11.2018 (VCL).

Support for Delphi 10.3

- Delphi 10.3 Rio support added into NextSuite v6.

New in NextGrid6

- New OnInplaceEditBounds event suitable for further adjusting edit component bounds before editing is started.

New in NxDatePicker6

NxDatePicker6 component received major update:

- Component now include separate views for quickly changing month and year.
- OnCustomDrawDate event. It provides opportunity for custom drawing inside single date cell. In the screenshot this event is combined with existing OnGetDateColor event.

New demos

Three (3) very nice new demo projects inside Demos sub-folder contributed by Phil Watkinson. Two are located in in \Demos\Next Standard\Delphi XE subfolder and one in \Demos\Next Collection\Delphi XE subfolder


Oct 28. NextSuite (VCL) v6.2.5 released