New version of .NET controls released

We like to inform you that new version of our .NET controls is just released.

This update contain improvements of existing controls, and also include few new controls.

New versions

1. NextGrid .NET 2.0.3 (product page)
2. Next Editors .NET 2.0.3
3. Next Collection .NET 2.0.3 (product page)

New controls in Next Collection:

1) nxPageControl:
- Modern tabbed control.
- Include properties for configuring tabs appearance such as: TabStyle, TabFont, ActiveTabForeColor...
- Location of tabs may be changed.

2) nxGroupBox
- Image beside title text.
- Different font for title and Control's body.
- Every border may be turned on/off

Controls are part of NextSuite .NET 10.2014 (.NET).


Oct 10. New version of Delphi components