New version released

1. New Versions

We like to inform you that we have released new versions of our components:

1. Version 3.3 of Next Grid and Next DBGrid is released. Click here to read history.
2. Version 3.3 of Next Inspector is released. Click here to read history.

2. Partnership with GlyFX

We have started partnership with glyFX ([url][/url]), creators of excelent Icon Sets. Our registered users qualify for a 25% discount on all glyFX products and vice versa.

3. Features spotlight

1. Improved Columns moving system.
2. Glyph property for Edit components:

3. ReadOnly property for Grid.
4. PageVisible property for NxPageControl.
5. Run-time Columns Customization. Hide and Show Columns with drag and drop:

4. New Articles

1. Field Chooser Tutorial


Jul 4. New version released