NextSuite (VCL) v6.12.0 released

Dear users,

New minor versions of our components and applications are released.

NextSuite 6.12.0
- NextLayout 6.3.0
- NextGrid 6.12.0
- NextDBGrid 6.12.0
- NextInspector 6.12.0
- Next Collection 6.12.0

New features

This update brings wast improvements and significant features on NextLayout6 component.


NextLayout6 is a new big component in NextSuite6. This component allows creating an UI as seen in many modern applications (Figma, Blender 3D, Unity etc.).

For easier start with NextLayout6, read following article Start with NextLayout6 is added.

Executable demo can be downloaded from here.

Releases history: PDF File

Components are part of NextSuite6 9.2023 (VCL).


Aug 10. NextSuite (VCL) v6.11.0 released