NextSuite (VCL) v6.11.0 released

Dear users,

New minor versions of our components and applications are released.

NextSuite 6.11.0
- NextGrid 6.11.0
- NextDBGrid 6.11.0
- NextInspector 6.11.0
- Next Collection 6.11.0

New features

This update brings several improvements and new features such as:

Grid Column type

A new column type TNxGridColumn6 is added. This column can show data as a simplified version of grid control.

Other changes

CollapsedImageIndex and ExpandedImageIndex properties added for TNxTreeColumn6.

Releases history: PDF File

Components are part of NextSuite6 8.2023 (VCL).


May 21. NextSuite (VCL) v6.10.0 released