New version of Delphi components

We like to inform you that minor versions of our components are released.

New versions

1. NextGrid 5.9.15 and NextDBGrid 5.9.15 released.
2. NextInspector 5.9.15 released.
3. NextSheet 1.9.15 released.

Components are part of NextSuite5 5.2014 (VCL). RAD Studio XE6 (VCL, 32bit & 64bit) is supported.

Different column settings for each cell

We have added new event to each Column - OnSetCell. This event is called right before cell is drawn. Inside this event developer may read ACol and ARow parameters, and then set Column's properties for each individual cell. Example:

NextSuite v6

We are continuing with improving v6. Beside improvements for main components such as NextGrid6, we are updating smaller components included in suite too.

Biggest recent change is introduction of NextVirtualGrid - virtual version of NextGrid. It work as NextGrid, but developer is responsive for providing data. More at
Features page.

Registered users may download v6 Beta from our Members Section. Version 5 and 6 components may be used in same IDE, and in same projects.

Packages for following IDE's are included:
- Delphi 6
- Delphi 7
- Delphi 2010
- Delphi XE2
- Delphi XE3
- Delphi XE4
- Delphi XE5
- Delphi XE6
- C++ Builder XE3

We will support other version soon.

Visit dedicated page for NextGrid v6.

Order NextSuite v5 NOW and SAVE on upcoming v6 !


Apr 21. New version of Delphi components