New version released

We like to inform you that minor versions of our components are released.

New versions:

1. NextGrid 3.9.8 and NextDBGrid 3.9.8 released.
2. NextInspector 4.4.2 released.

Features spootlight:

NextGrid, NextDBGrid:

1. ButtonCaption property for NxButtonColumn
2. EditOption for NxNumberColumn with next flags:
1. eoAllowAll
2. eoAllowFloat
3. eoAllowSigns
4. eoDisablePaste
5. eoDisableTyping

Next Inspector:

1. XP Border when themes are active.
2. ButtonCaption for TNxButtonItem.

Next Editors:

1. BorderWidth property added.
2. EditOptions property for NxButtonEdit, NxComboBox, NxColorPicker components with next flags:
1. epDisablePaste - Disable past command.
2. epDisableTyping - Disable typing, buttons are still active.
3. EditMargins property added.
4. IMPORTANT NOTE: VerticalAlignment and InnerMargins are no longer exist in editors. When IDE show error, please do:
1. Click on Ignore
2. Move window with target edit control a little bit.
3. Re-save project.

Next Collection:

1. Images property, and ImageIndex property in NxLinkLabel component.
2. DisplayMode for NxLinkLabel component (show none, glyph, image from TImagesList) .
3. bkTransparent value in BackgroundKing property.
4. Design-time buttons for NxNotebook component, very usefull for wizard dialogs.
5. TabVisible property in NxPageControl page.


Jan 15. New version released