NextSuite (VCL) v6.9.0 released

Dear users,

New minor versions of our components and applications are released.

NextSuite 6.9.0
- NextGrid 6.9.0
- NextDBGrid 6.9.0
- NextInspector 6.9.0
- Next Collection 6.9.0

New features

New StackView type

A new grid view type is added named: Stacks GridView.

This view mimics "Large icons" view from File Explorer in Windows. Cells from all columns from one row are stacked on top of another and further laid to the right. Width and height of stacks can be specified via properties.

The documentation can be found here.

Releases history: PDF File

Components are part of NextSuite6 3.2023 (VCL).

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Jan 28. NextSuite (VCL) v6.8.7 released