New version of Delphi components

We like to inform you that minor versions of our components are released.

New versions

1. NextGrid 5.9.55 and NextDBGrid 5.9.55 released.
2. NextInspector 5.9.55 released.
3. NextSheet 1.9.55 released.

Components are part of NextSuite5 2.2015 (VCL).

NextSuite v6

We are continuing with improving v6. Beside improvements for main components such as NextGrid6 and NextDBGrid6, we are also updating smaller components included in suite.

New component added: NxHint6 - Completely rewriten NxHint component (html formatted hint windows for all controls) from v5 with support for CSS Style Sheets (also introduced in v6).

Visit dedicated page for NextGrid v6.

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Jan 9. New version of Delphi components