NextSuite (VCL) v6.6.2 released

Dear users,

New minor versions of our components are released.

NextSuite 6.6.2
- NextGrid 6.6.2
- NextDBGrid 6.6.1
- NextInspector 6.6.2
- Next Collection 6.6.0


This update brings many exciting features such as support for user defined color palette and better HiDpi support.

Notable new features

Color palettes

NextGrid6 now include UserDefinedColorPalette that provides complete control over colors used in the grid. This property consist of array of TColor properties such as HeaderHoverColor, HeaderPressedColor, GeometryColor etc.. The property is translated also to the inplace editors.

High DPI

The icon column now also accepts TVirtualImageList which means that TImageCollection (available in RAD Studio 10.3 and later) can be used for providing High DPI icons. There are also several other high DPI improvements on other places.


Copy and Paste Style in Columns Editor

The ColumnsEditor now include 2 new options inside right-click menu: Copy Style and Paste Style.

Don't forget to check HighDPI screenshot.

Releases history: PDF File

Components are part of NextSuite6 1.2021 (VCL).

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Sep 5. NextSuite (VCL) v6.6.0 released