New versions released

We like to inform you that we have released minor versions of our components.


1. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.


1. Important change: NextDBGrid Column Classes are now derived from TDBCustomColumn (TCustomColumn desc.)
2. Important change: Columns property is now derrived from TDBColumns (TColumns desc.)
3. Each DB Column now have Field: TField property.
4. NULL Fields are now displayed correctly.
5. Editing TNxLookupColumn is now possible.
6. ValueChecked, ValueUnchecked inspector for TDBCheckBoxColumn


1. TMemoItem Item added with Lines property.
2. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.


1. PageView now have own version number.
2. Images property (ImageList)
3. ImageIndex property for Page.
4. DisplayMode property for Page. Show Glyph, Image from ImageList or only Text.
5. OnChanging event added.
6. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.

Articles Update

We have add new article: Lookup Column Tutorial. This Article show how to work with Lookup Column in NextDBGrid.


Dec 4. New versions released