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How to access column properties created in runtime

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#1 qi130

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Posted 05 January 2023 - 11:10 PM

Hello !


In my app, I create columns in an empty grid depending on SQL definition of the queried fields

I.e char or varchar => textcolumn, numeric (int, float,...)=> Numbercolumn, etc.

GridResultat.Columns.Add(TNxNumberColumn,DC_Query.Fields.SqlName[j] );

=> the header caption is correctly set with Fields.SqlName 


I've found a bug in my app for Numbercolumn when trying to set cell content for a SQL null :

if DC_Query.Fields.IsNull[j] then



'<null>' is not a correct float value



Several topics in the forum refer to HideWhenEmpty and EmptyCaption properties, but I'm not able to access them in runtime



(GridRequete.ColumnByName[DC_Query.Fields.SqlName[j]] as TNxNumberColumn).Header.Caption    // in a MessageBox

both fire an access violation :unsure:


What is the correct syntax to proceed?






#2 Boki (Berg)

Boki (Berg)

    Boki (Berg)

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Posted 06 January 2023 - 12:31 PM



Inside the numeric column you can only store numbers. <null> is still a string and can’t be set. You can set Empty property of a specific cell, or chose for example 0 to be the empty value. 

Here is one small example:


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#3 qi130

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Posted 06 January 2023 - 05:05 PM

Thx Bok for your reply :)
I'm in progress with informations provided...
When I need a NumberColumn, I do the following

GridResultat.Columns.Add(TNxNumberColumn,Entete );                // "Entete" can contain SQL columnname or SQL alias ( ... as ...) if provided
GridResultat.Columns[j].Name:=DC_Query.Fields.SqlName[j];         // in runtime, no default name for NxColumn 

then, when processing the result of the query:

while not DC_Query.Eof do begin
   for j :=0 to DC_Query.Fields.FieldCount-1 do
      if DC_Query.Fields.IsNull[j] then
         if GridResultat.Columns[j] is TNxNumberColumn then GridResultat.Cell[j,i].Empty:=True
            else GridResultat.Cell[j,i].AsString:='<null>'
            if DC_Query.Fields.IsBlobText[j] then ...

In debug mode, the flow is correct.


Unfortunatly, Cells never show <null>  for null numeric field from the query. Corresponding cells are just empty

I'm sure I miss something, but don't know what :unsure:


Any idea?

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