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NxFocus problems (Visible, FormPlacement)de

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#1 HaraldP

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 02:56 PM

dear boki,

TNxFocus is a very nice thing. I really started to like it, but after a while I discovered a few problems:

- Visible:=FALSE not working - focus stays always visible
- Enabled:=FALSE - doesnt seem to have any effect either

in combination with RX TFormPlacement
(pretty old-school, I know, but I use them for years...)

as soon a NxFocus is present on a form, the rx-FormPlacement.RestoreFormPlacement doesnt work with fullscreen-mode.

my workaround so far is:
creating a NxFocus after app-start and form-position-restore (by calling this function):
{here it is in case anybody has the same problem:}

function CreateNXFocus(AOwner: TComponent; APenColor: TColor): TNxFocus;
result := TNxFocus.Create(AOwner);
with result do begin
Pen.Color := APenColor;
Enabled := True;
Loaded; //interestingly, this one is needed ...


the demoapp contains a compiled exe, in case you dont have rx and want to see what I´m talking about without installing rx-components first...

thanks and keep up the good work!

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