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NextGrid5 -> NextGrid6 upgrade

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Posted 18 July 2018 - 11:08 AM

Attached File  NG5_V_Scroll_AllChildren.png   53.93KB   0 downloadsAttached File  NG6_NoVertScroll_MissingChildren_BlankChildren.png   56.87KB   0 downloadsThank you, Boki:


That seems to work.

I am further along with converting all this particular NG5 to NG6 grid and its routines. I am attaching a couple of screen shots to show you that something is not quite right with my NG6 converted grid:


(The screen shots are of the exact same grid state right after loading the underlying rows/nodes.)


1. I use a routine to load the grid from a database. The grid is a tree structure. After loading, I have been using a routine to collapse all child nodes recursively. I notice that you have a Collapse(Recursive) method. Both my routine and the Row.Collapse do not work for the NG6 grid


IF RecordCount > 0 THEN
    // when done colapse all child nodes
    // Starting with top row, top level
      // this doesn't work  to collapse, nor does CollapsAllChildren
      for j := 0 to Grid.RowCount do
        if Grid.RowExists(j) then
      Grid.Row[0].Selected := True;
      // CollapseAllChildren6(0, 1, Grid) <== my routine which also does not collapse the NG6
2. There is no Vertical Scroll bar in the NG6, but is as expected in NG5. (I have both scroll bars properties set.)
3. I am not sure why (perhaps a difference in the use of Row, Child, Parent in NG6), but you can see that the tree structure is significantly different, for some nodes, it is loaded as a child and it should be a sibling, or just as perplexing, the node/row is present but there is no text.
Do you have any idea what is going on? This makes moving from NG5 to NG6 very difficult, since the functionality is so different.
Thank you,

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