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How to get NextGrid6 from NxColumn ?

18 January 2018 - 12:17 PM

Hello Friends,


I'm porting an application from NextGrid5 to NextGrid6. We're using the Footer a lot, and while porting we're encountering a Problem.


In NextGrid5 there was the Event "OnCalculateFooter", which is gone completely. Now we have OnCalculated-Event from the Column, which is a lot more uncomfortable.


For our calculations on the footer we need access to another Column (e.g. calculating Col[2] * Col[3], where this Result shall be displayed in Footer Col[3]). As we have half a dozen Grids on our Form and they all need the same calculation for this specific Row, we could connect this Eventhandler to each Grid.


But: There is no chance to get the Grid from the Column. The Sender-Parameter is the TNxColumn6, and this one has no "getGrid" or something like this... How do we get the Grid from this Column ? Otherwise we have to duplicate our Code 6 times just to get to know what Grid we're calculating for.


There is something else: Using these Interfaces (like INxCell) may be very handy - but it makes debuggung and use of Delphis Inspector just terrible.