New version released

We like to inform you that minor versions of our components are released.

New versions

1. NextGrid 5.2.5 and NextDBGrid 5.2.5 released.
2. NextInspector 5.2.5 released.
3. NextSheet 1.5.5 released.

Features spootlight

Support for [b]Delphi XE[/b], and [b]C++ Builder XE[/b] added to our packages.

NextGrid v5.2.5

[code]ImageIndex[/code] property added to the Row.

New component in Next Collection - [code]NxGlyphPageControl[/code].

This component is based on our [code]NxNotebook[/code] component. It paint tabs as 32bit bitmaps. More info about 32bit bitmaps at this link.


Aug 10. New version released