New version released

We like to inform you that we have released minor versions of our components.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Methods for loading columns from stream (DFM file) are changed. Please click here to read more details.

NextGrid and NextDBGrid

NextGrid and NextDBGrid version 2.9.5 is released.

1. TButtonColumn added with OnButtonClick event
2. "Convert To" in Columns Editor for converting Columns type
3. Enabled property of Column
4. Hint property for Header and Footer.
5. hsOutlook in HeaderStyle for MS Outlook 2003 Headers style.
6. OnSelect and OnCloseUp events added to TNxComboBoxColumn and TNxDateColumn
7. goRowResizing flag in Options property for resizing rows in run-time.
8. New SortType for Column: stCustom and OnCompare event added to NextGrid
9. New flag doAddColumns in DataAwareOptions property in NextDBGrid. When is set to False, columns will NOT be added automaticaly on DataSet.Activate.
10. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.

NextInspector version 2.6 is released.

1. Added Options property with flags:
1. itoAutoApply - Automaticaly apply Value from InplaceEditor when user typing and occur OnChange event too.
2. Automaticaly Bold Value when Value is equal to new property DefaultValue.
3. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.

Componets Collection

1. PageView Options expanded with next flags:
1. pgScrollButtons - Show/Hide Scrolling Tabs Buttons
2. Glyph property in FlipView component
3. ShowHeader property for HeaderView to show or hide Header in HeaderView
4. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.

Editors Library

1. ButtonCaption property for ButtonEditor
2. Bug fixes and internal tweaks.


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